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is my building listed?

Is My Property a Listed Building?

Listed buildings in the UK represent those of historic or otherwise special importance. The listed building system is...
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What Is A Chartered Surveyor?

If you’ve been researching property, looking to buy, rent, extend or otherwise acquire or modify a building then...
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A Guide To Cap Rate In Commercial Real Estate

Cap rate is an American term and provides an interesting alternative measure for commercial real estate investment. It’s...
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permitted development rights

The Complete Guide To Permitted Development Rights

We usually hear more about the plight of planning permission and its lengthy and somewhat tricky process more...
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commercial property platforms header image

Best UK Property Development Platforms & Websites

Owning, sourcing and selling property never ceases to pose challenges! Despite the trials and tribulations, it is certainly...
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The 3 Most Important Real Estate Formulas

There are a tonne of real estate formulas that all commercial property investors should know, but if you’re...
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A practical guide to commercial real estate contracts

Ultimate Guide to Commercial Property Contracts

Exchanging contracts between buyer and seller is a key milestone of the commercial purchase or lease timeline that...
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what is RICS chartered surveyor

What is RICS and Why is it Important?

Chartered Surveyors are a crucial part of the property and construction industries as they work with a wide...
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what makes a listed building

How To Easily Find Out If A Building Is Listed

Britain is a country rich in historical architecture with some neolithic buildings dating back over 5000 years to...
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