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Commercial Property Services

Increasing value and reducing risk are essential for all stages of the property development life cycle.

Working alongside both developers and landowners, we always emphasize the key values that drive the best advice and support for your commercial property development opportunities and refurbishment projects.

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Commercial Property Development & Planning Services

Phoenix and Partners are experienced to advise in all the following aspects of property development:

  • Proposed new development.
  • Extensions or refurbishment of existing premises.
  • Land contamination issues.
  • Car parking values.
  • Development team assembly.
  • Development appraisal costs programme.
  • Existing use value.
  • Alternative use value.

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Property Development Advice & Planning Consultancy

We provide informal planning advice, initially discussing with the planning authorities up to the end of the planning application process.

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Our property consultants will provide you with expert advice, helping you to easily navigate and succeed within the commercial property market.

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