what is RICS chartered surveyor
Chartered Surveyors are a crucial part of the property and construction industries as they work with a wide range of people such as architects, ecologists, town planners, property developers, engineers and bankers.  At the intersection between various fields and disciplines, the roles and responsibilities of a surveyor are dynamic but they play a key role...
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what makes a listed building
Britain is a country rich in historical architecture with some neolithic buildings dating back over 5000 years to 3500BC and beyond. To help organise, conserve and protect significant buildings of all kinds, the UK uses the listed building system enshrined in statutory law.  Listed buildings are buildings of historical and architectural significance that are protected...
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advantages and disadvantages of property management company
Property investment involves high volumes of cash, knowledge and dedication. Mistakes can cost you dearly and it can be hard to exit from poor decisions that ultimately lead to large-scale losses.  To easily navigate this lucrative investment landscape, many turn to property investment companies to find and secure high yield, long term property investment opportunities...
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Commercial Construction Loans
What are Commercial Construction Loans? Commercial construction loans usually take the form of short-term finance which is granted to businesses looking to pursue a commercial construction or a redevelopment project without requiring the upfront capital required for the entire project’s completion. Businesses may need a construction loan when: Erecting new buildings on land. Converting residential...
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the pros versus cons of purchasing vs leasing commercial property header
Mighty businesses expand from humble beginnings, whether it’s the small garage Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak used to build Apple computers or James Dyson’s shed where he built prototypes of his now world-famous vacuum cleaners, every enterprise has to start somewhere. At some point, though, many businesses expand to the point they need their own...
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Homeownership and occupancy in England and Wales belong to two key types of tenure and domains of property law; leasehold and freehold. The main differences are relatively simple but there are many caveats and complications which can get more gritty the deeper you delve into the law surrounding each, particularly when it comes to leasehold....
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commercial property mistakes header image
People choose to buy commercial real estate for various reasons including investments, as a shop or business premises or for property development involving conversion, modification or renovation.  Purchasing commercial real estate comes with specific disadvantages and the stakes are usually higher in comparison to buying private domestic property.  Often you will have help from individuals...
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how to choose the right chartered surveyor
Purchasing property is a multi-stage process, buyers face many decisions and choices along the way and one such question posed to you may be whether or not you need a chartered surveyor and what to look for when choosing one.  Whilst mortgage providers conduct valuations of properties it is usually highly recommended you conduct your...
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In the early days it’s not unusual for small businesses and startups to find their feet while working in unconventional spaces. In fact it is fairly commonplace for business owners to start carving a niche for themselves while working from a desk in a spare room before they begin to look for their very first...
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