Cap rate is an American term and provides an interesting alternative measure for commercial real estate investment. It’s growing in popularity in the UK as a quick measurement that calculates returns when costs are deducted from income but when a mortgage is not applicable or has yet to be found. Cap rate is best understood...
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permitted development rights
We usually hear more about the plight of planning permission and its lengthy and somewhat tricky process more than we do about Permitted Development Rights (PDRs) . Permitted Development Rights allow you to make modifications to homes and properties without seeking planning permission at all. Permitted development rights are granted by statutory laws including The...
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commercial property platforms header image
Owning, sourcing and selling property never ceases to pose challenges! Despite the trials and tribulations, it is certainly a profitable and vibrant industry to work in, and this is especially true for commercial property.  When purchasing, selling or renting property, you need to make sure you have the best tools and websites at your disposal....
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There are a tonne of real estate formulas that all commercial property investors should know, but if you’re just beginning to grow your portfolio, here are the 3 most important real estate formulas you should concentrate on first:   Price-to-Rent Ratio Your Price-to-Rent ratio is also sometimes called a Buy-to-Let Rental Yield. This formula shows...
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A practical guide to commercial real estate contracts
Exchanging contracts between buyer and seller is a key milestone of the commercial purchase or lease timeline that occurs between the Heads of Terms (HOTS), a drafting document that includes primary terms and agreements and completion, the moment at which the remaining balance of the property transaction is transferred and the transaction is completed.   ...
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what is RICS chartered surveyor
Chartered Surveyors are a crucial part of the property and construction industries as they work with a wide range of people such as architects, ecologists, town planners, property developers, engineers and bankers.  At the intersection between various fields and disciplines, the roles and responsibilities of a surveyor are dynamic but they play a key role...
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what makes a listed building
Britain is a country rich in historical architecture with some neolithic buildings dating back over 5000 years to 3500BC and beyond. To help organise, conserve and protect significant buildings of all kinds, the UK uses the listed building system enshrined in statutory law.  Listed buildings are buildings of historical and architectural significance that are protected...
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advantages and disadvantages of property management company
Property investment involves high volumes of cash, knowledge and dedication. Mistakes can cost you dearly and it can be hard to exit from poor decisions that ultimately lead to large-scale losses.  To easily navigate this lucrative investment landscape, many turn to property investment companies to find and secure high yield, long term property investment opportunities...
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Commercial Construction Loans
What are Commercial Construction Loans? Commercial construction loans usually take the form of short-term finance which is granted to businesses looking to pursue a commercial construction or a redevelopment project without requiring the upfront capital required for the entire project’s completion. Businesses may need a construction loan when: Erecting new buildings on land. Converting residential...
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