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People choose to buy commercial real estate for various reasons including investments, as a shop or business premises or for property development involving conversion, modification or renovation.  Purchasing commercial real estate comes with specific disadvantages and the stakes are usually higher in comparison to buying private domestic property.  Often you will have help from individuals...
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how to choose the right chartered surveyor
Purchasing property is a multi-stage process, buyers face many decisions and choices along the way and one such question posed to you may be whether or not you need a chartered surveyor and what to look for when choosing one.  Whilst mortgage providers conduct valuations of properties it is usually highly recommended you conduct your...
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In the early days it’s not unusual for small businesses and startups to find their feet while working in unconventional spaces. In fact it is fairly commonplace for business owners to start carving a niche for themselves while working from a desk in a spare room before they begin to look for their very first...
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After the announcement of Brexit in 2016, the pound sterling dropped by ~13% opening new opportunities for both residential and commercial property investors. It’s been an uproar that residential buy-to-let industry is dead. Whilst other investors are worried about the decline of commercial properties due to the shift of the economy online. To help you...
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What are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Properties? Any type of investment can seem to be very daunting. For those that are thinking of investing in residential or commercial properties, it is imperative that you truly understand the differences between the two before making an informed decision on your investment. At first, it may...
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learn how to easily convert your commercial properties, the challenges that face converting properties with this expert guide.
Converting a commercial property for residential usage is becoming increasingly common in 2016 to 2017 the number of these conversions increased by 40% within the UK. Although this market continues to show potential, it’s still essential you learn how to successfully convert a commercial property whilst mitigating any potential risks.   Thanks to the 2015...
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Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT Calculators
SDLT Calculators For most transactions involving the sale or transfer of land or property, you can use the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) calculators below to help you to work out how much to pay. This SDLT calculator will help you calculate the SDLT for the following situations: Freehold transactions or assigned leases. New leases....
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A guide to help you calculate the value of a commercial property.
What Factors Help Determine the Market Value of a Commercial Property? Commercial real estate is almost always a good investment opportunity, especially for developing areas. However, most investors encounter problems in having an idea of how much a certain property should be worth. This is because unlike residential properties where the value is only determined...
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guide to purchasing commercial property and real estate
Purchasing a commercial property can be a time-intensive and lengthy process that requires you to do your due diligence, research and make smart investment decisions. As 68% of London’s population alone are homeowners, it’s easy to see that we’re particularly well-known for having an aggressive, risk-taking culture when it comes to acquiring real estate assets....
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