Commercial Lease
pos and cons of leasing vs. buying an office space in 2022
Renting an office space is one of the biggest expenses of any company. So, business owners who have the means to purchase property often face a big decision: leasing vs. buying an office space.  Buying a commercial space is often the most lucrative choice. However, it also involves risks in terms of liquidity of assets...
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remote working
The pandemic has made the impossible possible by shifting on-site work to a work-from-home setup. With the change of scenery and more time, we all had an opportunity to check on our life choices. Considering the remote working setup, workers found hope for a better work-life balance.  In a LinkedIn poll, 74% of workers had...
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12 Things To Consider Before Signing A Commercial Lease In The UK
Moving to a bigger space is one of the remarkable milestones of a business owner. In your journey to finding a new home for your business, there are some factors that you should consider before signing a commercial lease agreement.  While it’s best to have a professional to be on your side throughout the process,...
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Who Pays Property Taxes on a Commercial Lease?
There are a few different types of commercial leases in the UK. A commercial lease is a tenant/landlord agreement that describes the details and conditions of the commercial property rental. Commercial leases, as the name suggests, are unique to commercial property and are structured differently from residential lease agreements. Q: Who Pays Property Taxes on...
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